Tirant Hotel Hanoi

4 Stars
38 - 40 Gia Ngu str, Hoan Kiem dist Hanoi city, Vietnam
85 USD 75 USD

The hotel is located at Gia Ngu street which in Vietnamese means Fish Village, that is where fisherman and their family resided. In 1800s, the pond in the middle of the area was occluded, opening up a long new road which went through many different names before its current title of being Gia Ngu. This street was used to be named Tirant (pronounced as “ Tai-rang”) which was the name of a French general officer back in the colonial time. We want to keep our hotel name as easy to remember and as unique as possible, that is why this piece of history was chosen for the hotel name: TIRANT HOTEL HANOI


Situated in the heart of Hanoi’s finest cultural landmark, the Old Quarter area– the nest of all the historical legends and the well-reserved area, Tirant Hotel Hanoi  is a perfect choice for both business and leisure travelers.